Log Cabin Brown Fleece Dog Bed- Extra Large

$139.00 $119.00

Our uncompromising commitment to the environment — Green Living Dog Beds transforms trash into dog beds.  Technically advanced, these are a whole new breed of eco-friendly dog beds.  a revolutionary new kind of recycled Eco-Soft FiberFill.   A step forward in comfort and good looks.

Everything you are looking for in a eco-friendly dog bed. . . and the bed your dog deserves.

Eco-Soft Fiberfill -the interior of these  wonderful, comfortable dog beds is made from recycled plastic soda bottles into a soft fiber that is used as cushion.  You might not think that fiberfill made from plastic would be soft.  Yet, our Eco-Soft recycled fiberfill is an amazingly fluffy, soft, bounce back stuffing that holds up and gives your dog comfort and

Washable outer cover – Finest quality fabrics for comfort and durability.  Luxurious soft suede microfiber fabric makes it the perfect place to snuggle. Extra long zippers allow outer cover to be removed for machine washing. Easy maintenance!

Completely washable – Washes clean eliminating all those unwanted pet odors

Non-Toxic – Eco-Soft Fiberfill is completely non-toxic

Made in USA –Eco-Soft Recycled Fiberfill is made in the USA.  (our covers are imported)

Product Description

SuperSoft Fleece top. Bottom and side of suede microfiber. Trimmed with Cream Piping for a crisp, tailored look.

Filled with Eco-Soft recycled fiberfill.


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